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Cheap Fuel Causes Problems In Darlington Vehicles

Cheap fuel causes more vehicles to be recovered by Ringroad rescue Darlington.


The recent cold snap has resulted in many more vehicles entering the workshop for fuel filter related problems, we think a lot of the problems have been caused by cheap fuel being used that hadn’t been mixed with the additives required to prevent freezing at the cold temperatures we have been experiencing lately.


A fuel cleaning treatment & a fuel filter change has resolved many of these vehicles faults & allowed the vehicle owners to get back on their ways, with the advice to alternate between the larger fuel companies petrol stations & the cheaper fuels if they still wish to use the cheaper fuels, to help maintain the additives within the fuel system.


A fuel cleaning treatment every few fuel tank fills will also help clean & maintain a better performing fuel supply system, we can add the same products that we use to customers fuel tanks between services if they wish us too, as some are harmful & can damage the vehicles paintwork if spilled onto them, the professional products we use advise that only qualified persons should use them.

Vehicle Braking System

The braking system on a motor vehicle is one of the main items that is effected by wear & tear due to the fact that it works by way of friction between two moving parts, the brake pad & the brake disc’s, the braking system needs to be checked for wear & tear as over time the friction material on the brake pads becomes worn down & reduces braking efficiency, The brake disc’s are also effected by wear over a period of time & will become scored & grooved & once again will affect the braking performance of the vehicle.


Wear & tear on the braking system of your vehicle can be reduced by altering your driving style & reading the road ahead of you so you can ease of the accelerator & allow the vehicle to slow naturally rather than traveling along at maximum speed & then having to brake harshly at traffic lights, roundabouts & road junctions etc. By being more observant & responsive to the conditions you find yourself driving in you can also reduce your vehicles fuel consumption, See our section on driving click here for more tips on increasing fuel efficiency.

Common signs of brake problems include:

  •  Hearing a grinding noise when braking
  •  Brakes feel soft when brake pedal depressed
  •  Brakes judder when brake pedal depressed
  •  Vehicle starts to pull to the left or to the right when braking
  •  Brake warning light is illuminated (refer to your manufacturers handbook if you are not familiar with the dash light symbol)

Ringroad Rescue advice on reducing your vehicle’s fuel consumption

There are a few simple changes you can make that can have a significant impact on fuel consumption;


Walk or cycle


Where possible walking or cycling instead of driving will not only save you fuel but has health benefits as well as being Eco-friendly!


Car sharing


As well as saving fuel, car sharing helps to reduce road congestion and is also Eco-friendly.


Route planning


Plan your route before starting your journey, combine shorter journeys and avoid high traffic flow times (where possible!)


Remove excess weight from the vehicle


Carrying unnecessary items in, or on, your vehicle increases the energy required to move it, using more fuel and therefore increasing fuel consumption.


Ensure tyre’s are at the correct pressures


Tyre’s at the correct pressure have a lower rolling resistance and use much less energy / fuel, not to mention being a lot safer.




Reduce your vehicles air resistance by ensuring that cycle racks and roof racks / boxes are only fitted when in use – these items create a lot of turbulence and drag which has significant impact on fuel consumption.


Don`t speed!


Driving in a hurry hurts your fuel consumption, licence (penalty points) & pocket (fines, insurance & fuel costs). Keeping within the appropriate speed limit is not only a legal requirement, but safer for you & other road users and will reduce your fuel consumption.


Look ahead.


Better observation allows you to see up-coming hazards such as slowing / stopped vehicles, enabling you to react early and keep the vehicle`s momentum moving, reducing the need to brake and ultimately making journey times a little quicker as well as being safer & saving fuel.


Smooth Driving


Smooth acceleration & braking will reduce the amount of fuel you use to get to the speed you wish to travel at and does not add any significant time to your journey.


Anticipate changes in traffic – taking your foot off of the accelerator pedal when approaching red traffic lights will reduce the amount of fuel the engine uses (the engines in most modern cars use very little or no fuel when coasting in gear), reduces wear of braking components (which in turn saves money for replacement parts), and you may not be required to stop, therefore reducing the amount of acceleration required to get you back up to speed.


Vehicle servicing


Well serviced vehicles operate more efficiently, require less financial investment in fuel & replacement parts, are much more reliable and hold residual values.


This Article has been put together from notes taken at a speech by


Alan Phillips Eng. Tech, MSOE, MIRTE


Managing Director


Advance Vehicle Auditing Service Ltd

Brake Fluid Change Darlington.

Most automotive professionals agree that glycol-based brake fluid, (DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1) should be flushed, or changed, every 1–2 years. Many manufacturers also require periodic fluid changes to ensure reliability and safety. Once installed, moisture diffuses into the fluid through brake hoses and rubber seals and, eventually, the fluid will have to be replaced when the water content becomes too high. Electronic testers and test strips are commercially available to measure moisture content, however moisture test strips were taken off the market because they absorb moisture in the air before they can be used. The corrosion inhibitors also degrade over time. Degraded inhibitors cause corrosion in the braking system. Taken from Wikipedia.

Ringroad Rescue Darlington test all vehicles over two years in age for the boiling point of brake fluid using the latest electronic brake fluid testing equipment & will always advise customers to change the full braking system fluid when the test indicates it is necessary, Failure to change the brake fluid in the braking system will reduce the braking efficiency of the vehicle & also cause the braking system to start rusting from the inside which in turn we have found causes premature failure of brake calipers due to the sliders inside the calipers being impeded from moving freely due to rusting occurring on the normally shiny precision smoothed surfaces of the brake caliper components, This then stops the brake calipers sliding freely back away from the brake discs & hold the brake pads against the disc whilst driving, resulting in faster brake pad & disc wear & increasing fuel consumption.

Regular servicing will help reduce your motoring costs.

With the current economy continuing to cause ever increasing financial hardship on a large number of UK households anyway of reducing costs are greatly welcomed, current motoring costs are also increasing & as many vehicle owners rely on their vehicles to transport them on their daily commute too & from work, a fuel efficient vehicle is required.

It has long been acknowledged that regular servicing of motor vehicles will assist in the reduction of long term running cost’s & help increase fuel consumption by keeping the engine at optimum operating efficiency & performance.

Regular servicing is an important and essential part of maintaining your vehicle which will provide trouble free motoring. The vast majority of  vehicles require servicing annually regardless of age or mileage.

At Ringroad Rescue we will always recommend carrying out servicing to your vehicle to the manufacturers servicing schedule to preserve any remaining manufacturers warranty on the vehicle & to ensure the relevant items to be replaced are done so at the correct interval to maintain optimum performance of the parts.

If you are a high mileage driver, then you may need to visit Ringroad Rescue a little more often, as your filters will be working harder & may need replacing earlier than expected.


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Client Testimonial

" I have been using Ringroad Rescue for the servicing, repair and MOT of my volkswagen polo for a few years now, the staff are very friendly and professional. They use quality parts and always do a thorough job.
I would recommend them to anyone who wants reassurance that their vehicle is in safe hands."

Mrs Julie Wilcock, Darlington