Special MOT offer for local customers

Ringroad rescue are pleased to announce a special offer to all our local customers both old & new.


We are currently offering all class four MOT tests for the low sum of just £35.00, Class 4 (standard cars, light vans & some motor homes) , when booked into the workshop prior to arrival, just give us a call on 01325 352625 and prebook your slot now at a time & date to suit you, you can have your vehicle tested a month minus one day prior to it expiring, so if your test was due on 15 May, the earliest you can get an MOT to keep the same renewal date for next year is 16 April.

You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT.


Ringroad Rescue Assists Local Businesses In Saving Money

Ringroad rescue helps local businesses save money on vehicle running costs.


Regular servicing of your companies vehicle will help reduce your overall yearly vehicle running costs, as a correctly maintained engine & vehicle will run better & not use as much fuel as a result, also with regular maintenance & checking over any problems will be identified quicker & will decrease the potential risk of more damage being caused to other components on your vehicle, which would increase the costs involved with repairing your vehicle & getting it back on the road & working for you.


Ringroad rescue can fit in servicing at a time in the working week that fits best with your business, we can also offer MOT testing on cars, vans & light commercial vehicles up to class 7.


Many other local garages in the Darlington town bring their customers vans & light commercial vehicles to us to get MOT testing carried out.

Cheap Fuel Causes Problems In Darlington Vehicles

Cheap fuel causes more vehicles to be recovered by Ringroad rescue Darlington.


The recent cold snap has resulted in many more vehicles entering the workshop for fuel filter related problems, we think a lot of the problems have been caused by cheap fuel being used that hadn’t been mixed with the additives required to prevent freezing at the cold temperatures we have been experiencing lately.


A fuel cleaning treatment & a fuel filter change has resolved many of these vehicles faults & allowed the vehicle owners to get back on their ways, with the advice to alternate between the larger fuel companies petrol stations & the cheaper fuels if they still wish to use the cheaper fuels, to help maintain the additives within the fuel system.


A fuel cleaning treatment every few fuel tank fills will also help clean & maintain a better performing fuel supply system, we can add the same products that we use to customers fuel tanks between services if they wish us too, as some are harmful & can damage the vehicles paintwork if spilled onto them, the professional products we use advise that only qualified persons should use them.

Damage From Hitting A Pot-Hole In The Road

Ringroad rescue are getting more & more cars & vans entering the workshops with broken coil springs & damaged steering & suspension parts, with the most severely damaged vehicles also damaging wheels & tyre’s.


The current pothole epidemic is the cause of the vast majority of this damage, causing added financial burden for both drivers & councils, but the most worrying concern is the potential danger in it leading to a rise in tyre related road casualties.


The warning is issued by TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre safety organisation & comes after the consumer watchdog Which? found Councils in England & Wales paid out £22.8 million in compensation to motorists for pothole related damages in 2012.


“Hitting a pothole can cause a number of tyre & wheel problems which can have a serious impact on road safety” explains TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson.


“Visible damage like buckled wheels or lumps in the tyre are the obvious signs of a problem which must be addressed by a professional, but hidden dangers such as a cracked alloy wheel can be just as dangerous


If you do have the unfortunate pleasure of hitting a pot hole then you must check your tyre pressures regularly over the next few days to ensure that there is no gradual loss of pressure, correct pressure is important for safe driving, effecting handling & cornering also driving for prolonged periods on under inflated tyres can cause them to overheat & suffer from rapid deflation. This can be extremely difficult to control as it would normally occur at high speeds on motorways risking not only the life’s of the vehicle occupants but also other road users.


You should also check the surfaces of the vehicles tyre’s for any cuts, lumps or bulges, also when driving the vehicle after hitting a pot hole look out for any changes in the feel of the drive or the handling which can indicate a problem with wheel & suspension misalignment.


You can check the correct pressure for your vehicles tyre’s in your owners handbook, inside your fuel filler flap or on a plate on the drivers door sill, or you can check online at www.tyresafe.org


Under inflated tyre’s will also effect your vehicles fuel consumption & cause your vehicles tyre’s to wear unevenly & require replacement sooner than expected.


If your in any doubt at all about the condition of your wheels or tyre’s please feel free to call down to the Ringroad rescue garage & we will give them a quick inspection for you.

Local Garage Looking After Local Vehicles

Ringroad Rescue Darlington are proud to have been recovering, servicing, repairing & MOT testing the cars, vans, motor homes & light commercial vehicles of the local residents & businesses in & around Darlington for the past 30+ years.

We are very proud of the strong loyal returning customer base that we have built up over these many years, over the years the vehicles that we work on & look after have changed a great deal with more & more electronics & computer controlled systems built into them, yet with constant investment in the Ringroad Rescue garage & our recovery vehicles & tooling we are still able to look after our customers new & older cars alike.

New accident blackspot in Darlington?

As a recovery agent for the Darlington & surrounding area, Ringroad Rescue often get called out to the same location many times over to recover vehicles after different road traffic accidents.

In the past 24 hours we have been made aware of two accidents occurring at the recently opened traffic light junction of North road & Albert road, next to B & Q.

In today`s accident one of the vehicles was pushed along the road until it hit the kerb & railings before ending up on its roof, according to reports on the local Northern Echo newspaper website. Click here to see the article.

So why has this newly opened junction already caused accidents too happen?

Why not pop over to our Facebook page to join the Darlington drivers debate on the cause by clicking here

Ringroad Rescue Darlington Servicing & MOT

Ringroad Rescue Darlington Servicing & MOT for all makes & models.

We are able to offer servicing, repairs & MOT test`s for all makes & models of cars, vans, motor homes & light commercial vehicles, without any restrictions on age or value.

At Ringroad Rescue we always use parts of equivalent matching or better quality to the relevant parts available from your vehicles manufacturer, this enables us to carry out any servicing or repairs on your vehicle regardless of the age of your vehicle from day one that it is registered until the day it goes to the big car scrap yard in the sky.

A full blog post on the rules that relate to servicing of vehicles under manufacturers warranty can be found by clicking here.

Pot holes, Kerbs & Speed Bumps in Darlington

When driving in & around Darlington in your vehicle please avoid wherever possible hitting pot holes in the road, especially after it has been icy the roads are more prone to new pot holes appearing, hitting a pot hole in your vehicle increases the risk of suspension parts breaking or becoming weak & also contributes towards the tracking on your vehicle being knocked out of alignment which will cause uneven & premature Tyre wear.


The same is also possible if you bounce the vehicle up & down the kerbside where they haven’t been lowered or the step reduced to allow vehicles to drive up them gently, speed bumps are a much more common road hazard now than ever before & obviously are there for a reason to calm traffic speeds in built up residential areas & near to schools, they are designed in such a way as to slow you down & if you do slow down to the correct speed appropriate to driving over the speed bump then no damage will occur to your vehicle, if however you fail to slow down sufficiently then you can be sure to damage or cause premature wear to your vehicle suspension.


Are you a Darlington business owner ?

If you are one of our fellow Darlington business owners & have vehicles you need to keep on the road & making you money then why not get in touch & allow us the pleasure of working with you & your team for all your general business vehicle maintenance, business vehicle servicing & business vehicle MOT needs.

We offer competitive business owner rates & always prioritise business vehicles within the garage to ensure minimum down time for you & your business.

Being a local business we understand local business

What is tested as part of my MOT test ?

The ministry of transport approved MOT test consists of many items of the vehicle that must comply with the current regulations at the time the MOT test is carried out, as these change over time it is better that we provide a link to the official government web page dedicated to the MOT test.

Official page Here


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Client Testimonial

" I have been using Ringroad Rescue for the servicing, repair and MOT of my volkswagen polo for a few years now, the staff are very friendly and professional. They use quality parts and always do a thorough job.
I would recommend them to anyone who wants reassurance that their vehicle is in safe hands."

Mrs Julie Wilcock, Darlington